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    If you want to be our distributor, please kindly fill in the following questionnaire for a better understanding between us.
    We will contact you for confirmation as soon as possible. And we will provide you the ID which you can use to login, and download useful information.
Company :
* Country: *
Contact Person: * E-mail: *
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1. What’s the main structure of your business?

Solely focused on distribution         Manufacture own products

2. Have you ever introduced a new product on your local market?

Yes         No
If yes, which one and when?

3.Please describe your sales organization and the local market setup.

4. How do you promote your products on your local market?

5. Do you already have an own technical service for medical products?

Yes         No

6. Which 3F Medical’s products you want to deal with?

IRIS Vital signs patient monitor
PHOEBE Portable and Multi-parameter Patient Monitor
PHOEBO PRO Expandable and multi-parameter patient monitor
DIONA Informative Patient Monitor

7.What are your annual sales of last year (USD)?

8. Are you prepared to invest in some demonstration units?

Yes         No

9. Are you prepared to send your engineers to participate in technical training in our company? (The training sessions are free of charge.)

Yes         No

10. How did you find us?

Through Exhibition         Through Magazine
Through Internet             Through Conference


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