General problems for Patient Monitor -- Insurance before blood pressure measurement

> Please use the cuff provided by 3F or authorization

> Connect one end of the cable of the cuff to the monitor

> Wrap the cuff around the arm, be sure that the gas tube

    is stretched out without twisting (Pic)

> The width of the cuff should be of 40% length of the arm

   circumference (50% in new born baby), or 2/3 of the length

   of the upper arm. The air filling part should be long enough

   to wrap 50-80% of the wrapped limb. (Refer to table)

Name Circumference of the arm Size of the cuff
Neonatal upper arm <8cm 2.5×5cm
Infant's upper arm 8cm~17cm 6×11cm
Children's upper arm 17cm~35cm 10×19cm
Adult upper arm 35cm~55cm 18×26cm
Adult thigh >55cm 25×35cm

> The different cuff should be selected correspondingly for different age group. (Adult cuff should be used

   for adults, children's cuff should be used for children and infant's cuff should be used for infants.)


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