General problems for Patient Monitor X on the sign of display
Malfunction instructions Possible cause Means to dispose
"X" on the sign of blood pressure module 1.The status is set "off" in menu
2.Malfunction of blood pressure module
3.The communicational signal line or NIBP signal line connected the NIBP module and connect board is loose contact
1.Set "on" in menu
2.Replace NIBP module
3.Re-plug or replace communicational signal lines or NIBP signal lines
"X" on the sign of printer 1.The power line of the printer is pulled off or loose contact
2.The cable of the printer is pulled off or loose contact
3.Malfunction of the printer
4.The printer is not ordered
1.Re-plug or replace the power line of the printer
2.Re-plug or replace the cable of the printer
3.Replace printer
"X" on the sign of battery 1.The battery and mechine doesn't connect
2.No battery is installed
1.Re-plug,and install correctly
2.X is normal


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