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CIS3000 Clinic Information System
Central Monitoring System
Product Features
> Dual-Screen Display, Supporting a large number of bedside monitors information
> Key-focusing window, to meet various clinical needs
> Varies network to meet different hospital environment
> Supporting long-distance mobile monitoring, improving the pre-hospital emergency efficiency

Typical in-hospital central monitoring> Typical in-hospital central monitoring
- Supporting both LAN and WLAN network
- Stable data transfer
- One-stop monitoring management
- Supporting 16 bedside monitors, which can be upgrade to 32 monitors
- Suitable for different kinds of medical service organization

Long-distance monitoring and consulting (Wired or Wireless Ethernet)> Long-distance monitoring and consulting (Wired or Wireless Ethernet)
- Long-distance data transfer
- Supporting Internet, G network and C network
- Long-distance information center receiving monitoring data from net-connecting hospital or in-house patient
- Sharing information among different cities or areas, easily enjoying Experts’ consultation

Pre-hospital central monitoring> Pre-hospital central monitoring
- Suitable for on-vehicle monitoring
- Emergency Center receiving the patient monitoring data from the net-connecting ambulance (or helicopter)
One-stop monitoring management
- The on-vehicle patient monitor transferring data to Emergency Center and hospital in time, which help doctor observe and analyse promptly
- Optional Video and Audio transferring data synchronously,which help doctor make accurate diagnosis and advise the staff to operate on spot
- Improve pre-hospital emergency efficiency

Dual-Screen Display> Dual-Screen Display
- Display 16 beds information simultaneously, 4 disclosure waveforms per bed
- Light and sound alarm indicator

Key-focusing Window Monitoring> Key-focusing Window Monitoring
- Showing 9 waveforms synchronously
- Display all parameters

Full-Disclosure Review> Full-Disclosure Review
- 240 hours waveforms disclosure review
- Print-out waveforms by laser printer

Trend Table> Trend Table
- 240 hours trend table review
- One second resolution
- Printing interval summary report at random

Alarm Chart> Alarm Chart
- 240 hours alarm events record
- Print-Out alarm chart by laser printer

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