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Golden standard SpO2 measurement technology
Nellcor SpO2 module
Product Unique Feature
Interior integrated Nellcor OxiMax golden standard blood oxygen treatment technology module
>Motion tolerance capacity, ensuring the measurement precision of neonatal, pediatric and finger (toe) tip quivering patients
> Strong low perfusion detecting capability, ensuring measurement precision of pulse weak, low temperature, poor perfusion patients
> Prompt response ,high accuracy, SatSeconds safety alarm technology
> Abundant OxiMax blood oxygen probe series, suitable for NICU/PICU/OR etc important application
Module Features
> Expansion Modules, easy to operate
> A single module can apply to different monitors
> The system can recognize the module automatically
> Abundant alarm supervising function
Additional Specifications
3F SpO2 module is applying to the PMS8 series Patient Monitor made by 3F company and could support Nellcor OxiMax series probe. Module can be inserted in every slot of 3F company’s monitor, then it can  work normally. ”NELL” is displayed on the main interface, Pulse waveform, SPO2 and PR will be displayed in the monitor waveform window after probe connected and pulse detected .
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