Real time data transfer from Ambulance to Central Station through wireless CDMA signal
CDMA wireless networking module
Product Unique Feature
DTU(Data Terminal Unit)
-- Adopt CDMA 1x communication manner. Networking  cover all the areas and run stably
> Actual appliance bandwidth 100Kb/s approximately (bidirectional symmetric transmission)
> Suitable for monitor data transmission in mobile environment
> Convenient and quick network setup, suitable for transmission from centre to multi-point

Module Features
> Support 800/1900MHz dual-frequency
> Support UIM card application
> Accordance with FCC/SAR and CDG 1/2&3 criteria
> Data terminal ever on line
> Support dynamic data centre domain name and IP address
> Special slot design for machine, reliable operation
> Supply CDMA standard elbow antenna,vehicle antenna is optional
Additional Specifications
3F GPRS module is applying to the PMS8 series Patient Monitor using CDMA 1x technology for data transmission. Module can be inserted in special slot in the plug-in box of 3F company’s monitor. Control module dialing through Power button, DTU icon appears on the interface. Module could quickly dial and rapidly establish connection with target server. Module could be used in convenience , flexibility and reliability.
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