Adopt Microstream which is one kind of Sidestream Technology
EtCO2 module
EtCO2 module is end-tidal CO2 module. EtCO2 module is the expandable module used in Patient Monitor made by 3F and is used to monitor the breath status by measuring CO2. It is useful in the ICU, surgery, anesthesia ward, emergency clinic, etc.
Product Unique Feature
>Dehumidification of the filterline could prevent the moisture entering into the sampling line and result in block of the filterline. It could ensure the measure precision of infancy and pediatric
> High precision ETCO2 value ,clear waveform
> Monitor the patient with high respiration rate and low tidal
> No moving part or colander need maintenance
> Measuring from any azimuth
> Monitoring all the patients under any circumstance
Module Features
> Expansion Modules, flexible and convenient operation
> A single module can apply to different instruments
> The system can recognize the module automatically
> Patient no breath alarm
Additional Specifications
ETCO2 module is the expandable module used in Patient Monitor PMS8 series made by 3F company. Only through the especial microstream accessory, ETCO2 module can run normally. All the accessories must be used only once and unrepeatable. 3F patient monitor offer an independent ETCO2 module calibration window. Module need be calibrated periodically. The default first calibration time is 1200 hours after running time. Calibration every 4000 hours of running time or every year after the first calibration.
> Electric dynamic facilities in the module using room and operating environment conform to the state regulated standard and requirement
> Module assembling , extension and upgrading , recalibration and maintenance is operated by technicians authorized by 3F company or appointed agent
> System exhaust gas treatment
When applying "Microstream" CO2 measuring on the patients who is using anesthetic or used anesthetic recently , air outlet must connected to exhaust air treatment system or anesthetic machine / respirator to avoid medical personnel exposure to anesthetic gas
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