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3F ODM is an advanced provider in designing, developing, manufacturing and optimisation of medical ultrasound transducers. We provide custom services from designing your transducer through the transition from prototype to production volumes.s. During last sevral years, we have successfully cooperated with medical company in Europe and USA by providing custom transducer services. The range of medical ultrasound probes we offers cover a broad range of clinical application including those used in Gastroscopy, Bone Mineral Density diagnostics, obstetrics, blood flow analysis, ophthalmology and physical therapy.

Our R&D team consist experts professional in electronics, acoustics, and mechanics and material. We aslo set up cooperating relationships with Zhejiang University and Shanghai Institute of Ceramics.

3F has attained the ISO 9001 and IOS 13485 standard for quality management system, which allow us to reach new heights in production efficiency, customer service, and quality.

Contact person: joanna@3fmedical.cn(Joanna)

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