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News Date:2009-6-8
--"China Hospital CEO" Interview with 3F General Manager
On March 2009, the magazine ¡°China Hospital CEO¡± had an exclusive interview with Jerome Lu, the general manager of 3F medical. Meanwhile, Lu answered the questions regarding the following topics: the development sate of the AMSE at home and abroad, the existing problems of the domestic emergency care and the gap between, features and significance of 3F AMSE. He also elaborated on the R&D direction in accordance with the Medical Emergencies.
According to Lu, the domestic Emergence Medical Service System has developed very fast recent years, however, whether the service procedure or the medical equipments are far behind those of the developed countries. The past few years have seen greater emphasis on The Emergence Medical Service System in the experience of natural and man-made calamities, and Chinese government has decided to build an emergency medical care system universally covering the villages and towns in the coming years.
At present stage, all links of the network connected in our existing emergence medical system are suffering from separation. The in-vehicle monitor system equipped in the ambulance developed by 3F realizes the real-time transmission of vital signs parameters by the use of wireless WAN. The information transmitted could not only help to make diagnose and prepare for the operation for the specialist in the emergency room, it could also get long-range consultation available by the analysis from the specialists and doctors in relevant units and the appropriate first-aid suggestions given to the dispatchers.

The development of AMSE has profound significance for the whole society. It makes the wireless long-range emergency care system possible. Different from the France ¡°SAMU¡± characterized by the ¡°advanced ambulance equipment and highly qualified dispatchers¡± ,and American ¡°EMS¡± famous for ¡°simple treatment on the spot, immediate patient transfer to the emergency room of the hospital.
With the maturity of the Wireless-transmission technology and the general improvement of the equipments and supporting facilities in first-aid centers and hospitals, AMSE will be more and more widely applied and the effects must be obvious. It is predicted that with the development of society and more importance people lays on life, there will be a greater demand for the wireless ambulatory monitors. In the next year or two the long-range medical project of China will be sure to get immediate implementation and big progress.
 AMSE: Ambulatory Monitoring System in Emergency : http://www.3fmedical.cn/en/medical-apply-pre-hospital-system.htm
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