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News Date:2009-2-5
Currently, according to the survey there have been 1 billion people around the world suffering from high blood pressure. The newly issued global ¡°report on the influences of high blood pressure¡± warns that the number of suffers will keep a rising tendency if still no effective measures can be adopted. It is predicted that the number could reach 1.56 billion, and for some countries like China, the number of suffers may increase by 80%. Generally speaking, there is no obvious symptom for high blood pressure, but blood pressure could be easily measured and get controlled by means of medicine and healthy lifestyle.
According to the president of the World Heart Federation, professor Shahryar Sheikh, only when the risk rate is clearly identified, you just take a simple but significant step. If you are clear about your blood pressure, blood cholesterol, sugar content of blood and physical information like height, weight and waist, doctors could advice you of the targeted ways to reduce the possibility of suffering heart disease and cerebrovascular disorder, and you could have a healthy heart for life.
Cardiovascular disease has become the most significant public health problem all over the world. 3F Medical System, always making efforts on the ¡°emergency and medical applications (Chronic)¡± currently launched its newly developed product ¡°VitalSpec¡±¡ª¡ª Measurement and Evaluation System for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease . It follows the basic requirements of ¡°Evidence Based Medicine¡± and ¡°Clinical Medicine¡±, providing the clinician with the best distinctive treatment support through comprehensive analysis of clinical data and parameter information.
Evidence Based Medicine is the newly boomed subject for the international clinical medicine recent years. As one of the most hot research topic, it based on the objective clinical evidence which is the basis of any medical decision. Different from traditional medicine, EBM advocate a combination of clinical trial and objective scientific evidence, which could serve the most accurate diagnosis, most effective treatment and most precise prognosis for every patient.
According to the early specific market investigation and the close communication with the front-line clinicians, 3F medical developed ¡°vitalspec¡± in partnership with the Medical Engineering and Instrumental Science College of Zhejiang University and Medical Engineering department of Ilmenau Institute of Technology in Germany. It measures both heart function and peripheral vascular, reasonably combining the prevention, measurement, evaluation and treatment tracing science by a large number of clinical data information. This could help doctors to make more scientific judgment, but the kind of product is still a gap on the international medical equipment market.
By the simultaneous measurement of the cardiovascular and the peripheral vascular, Vitalspec provides correlated analysis based on retrospective and real-time patient parameters and conducts therapeutic tracking and evaluation. Supported by the powerful database, the expert system supported by proved patient database can be established. Its application covers Hypertension Disease, Cardiovascular, Metabolic Diseases, Routine Health Checkup and Community Health Care. It also can be used for medicine analysis, medication tracing. For community healthcare, it is useful for the prevention of the cardiovascular and metabolic disease.
National ¡°Primary healthcare¡± and ¡°public healthcare¡± has long become 3F¡¯s top concerns. On the solutions for chronic disease especially during the early intervention for the disease with high incidence and risk like high blood pressure, 3F do its utmost on the further research. With the biggest efforts, we hope to cope with the government policies which promote a professional and standardized process for chronic disease management.
 ¡°Limited but effective medical resources to more people in need¡± just realize what 3F is persisting all the way¡ª¡ª ¡°make better healthcare available¡±
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