News Date:2008-12-15
The world¡¯s greatest medical equipment fair Medica is held in D¨¹sseldorf Germany during 19th Nov and 22nd Nov. For the first time, 3F medical and its product appear in the international fair in an independent image and their performances are well received.

The delegation for the Fair consists of tow groups. Delegates in group one are mainly international sales responsible for the overseas market exploration. They discuss further cooperative program with the distributors we have known well on one hand and actively seek for new overseas business opportunities on the other. Group tow is composed of business development representatives. Their prime responsibility is to get a closer cooperative relationship with the professions all over the world, especially for our market value added business.

On the fair, the market prospect of medical equipment in emergency area shows a good momentum of development as 3F excepted. Many world¡¯s famous medial enterprises display their solutions in emergency situation from different aspects. From the boom of the emergency related products we could see some apparent features:
1) Compact design, waterproof and shockproof
2) Portable and mobility concerned
3) More cardiac function, including cardio-vascular test and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation

All around the world¡¯s healthcare market, we could easily get conclusions as follows:
In addition to the large scale equipments, electro cardio apparatus, ultrasound images and cardiovascular products are still the core power of the market and the sites 9-12 are mainly the products of the kind.
Environment oriented display of the product. Most manufactures exhibit the integrated solutions in the fair rather than the isolated products, with the building of a particular application environment and specific stories included.

Home care is another development trend. On one hand, the common hospital care is generally expanding in to home care. On this condition, even if the patient stays at home, the doctor could still monitors the patient¡¯s state of health appropriately. On the other, the products for the home care are increasingly developed, such as pulse oximeter, blood-pressure meter and so on.

The software application and the solutions from medical computer abroad has become an obvious advantage in comparison with the domestic market. U.S. and European companies have transferred their attention in medical application to the patients¡¯ daily infotainment, the integrated management of the intelligence terminal in surgery and so forth.

The participation of the medica this time is of great importance for 3F MEDICAL. Start from this year, 3F has targeted the overseas market and will further expand the market share and cooperation all over the world.
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