Patient Monitoring in Intensive Care Unit and Critical Care Unit
News Date:2008-12-10
The Frost & Sullivan research service titled Patient Monitoring in Intensive and Critical Care units provides an overview of the patient monitoring business including present and future trends. It provides a complete analysis of technology drivers and industry challenges that plague this sector. A section on strategies and recommendations provides the reader with some useful insights and pointers that help accrue costs during a complete institution makeover, and help improve the workflow and overall efficiency. In this research service, Frost & Sullivaní»s expert analysts thoroughly examine the following markets
/applications/technologies: patient monitoring in ICU and CCU.
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Integration of Data/Information with Patient Monitors Gaining Priority
The prevailing trend in patient monitoring is the integration of data/information with patient monitors in order to reduce health care costs and ensure greater patient safety. With patient monitors becoming the single most important component and an integral part of health care information systems, the line of demarcation has thus reduced. Advances in hospital information systems and the introduction of wireless technologies are allowing physicians to take point-of-care beyond the bedside, to keep track of patientsí» activities anywhere, anytime. An increase in the awareness of wireless capabilities has resulted in customers requiring wireless data transmission to avail the possibility of exchanging data in an effective and easy fashion. This trend is certain to revolutionize the way the patient monitoring field operates, and allow monitors to have various degrees of extra portability.
Technology wise, there have been significant advancements in the areas of data classification, data prioritization, and information distribution. There has also been a growing trend toward middleware, in which software residing on the server establishes communication with the monitor. "This software residing on the server formats the data in a way the customer would want and connects Health Level 7 (HL7)--a formatting and protocol standard to the existing system," notes the analyst of this research service. "The evolution of spot check devices that promote monitoring of vital signs at a momentí»s notice and within the confines of the home is a trend to be looked for in the future."
A Novel Device to Help Physicians Track Patientí»s Vital Signs during Waiting Periods
Among the recent innovations in patient monitoring, Tia Gao, a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, and David Crawford, an undergraduate student at the University of Maryland have developed a prototype device that would help physicians track a patientí»s vital signs during the waiting period. Developed in conjunction with the Centre for Innovations in Quality Patient Care at Johns Hopkins, under the aegis of the director of the Centre, Peter Pronovo, this prototype device is the size of an altoid tin and is comparatively less expensive than the existing vital signs monitor. The device transmits vital sign information, which includes pulse, blood oxygen, blood pressure, and temperature to a unit with a radius of 150 yards, helping monitor the patient condition during often extended wait times.
This apart, Draeger has recently introduced a patient-worn telemetry device, the Infinity TeleSmart, to monitor vital signs including ECG rates, pulse oximetry rates, and heart beat rates. The advantage of using the system is that the alarms can be paused without the user necessarily having to go to the central monitoring station. The device/system from Draeger is primarily used in adult and pediatric patient monitoring and provides fast data access, decision support, and clinical reporting.
Notwithstanding these developments, end-user adaptability to an automated solution is what industry sources observe as the biggest challenge confronting patient monitors. "Typically, physicians of yesteryear are sceptical about employing automated tools and prefer the manual ways to record readings," says the analyst. "In addressing this lack of confidence, market participants need to make concerted efforts to further educate clinicians and nursing staff about the nitty gritty of automation and the patient monitoring industry."
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