3F 2008 springtime promotion and news conference for Ambulatory Monitoring System in Emergency & Vitalspec
News Date:2008-11-11
On October 29th,3F 2008 springtime promotion and news conference for Ambulatory Monitoring System in Emergency & Vitalspec is held in Suzhou Jiangsu province. On the occasion of the opening of 60th China Medical Equipment Fair, depending on its solutions oriented by environment, quality and safety, 3F Medical proved its great development strength as a professional medical solution provider.
FangZhijian, the president of 3F medical expressed his confidence in 3F mission, which is ¡°making a better medical service available¡±. In the past decade, 3F has helped people of all ages and nationalities to be able to access better healthcare services. For the future, 3F will strive for continual technological development, product innovation and manufacturing excellence. The 3F mission is based on the constant innovation in technique and management, providing the integrated solutions for customers in the whole process of manufacturing. All its efforts are devoted to making the products of high quality and competitiveness, which is the significant for stockholders¡¯, customers¡¯, staffs¡¯ and the public long term profits .
According to 3F CEO Jerome Lu, there are three parts of our main business scale: Self-brand products, Contract Manufacturing Business and Value-added Marketing Services. Self-brand products include Patient Monitors, Medical Ultrasound Equipment and Therapy Devices and a well-equipped Contract Manufacturing center has been established to satisfy the customers¡¯ need for products realization. Meanwhile, 3F provides innovative technologies and comprehensive know-how to benefit customers all over the word.
After more than ten years of development, 3F people, in the spirit of faith, wisdom, and dedication, and with the belief of providing complete and innovative medical solutions, has made a significant contribution to the improvement of people¡¯s health and standard of living.
Ambulatory Monitoring System in Emergency
AMSE is a monitoring clinical information system, real-time transmitting patient¡¯s vital signs and related waveforms to 120 dispatch center and emergency room of the hospital accepting the patient and realize the data and waveform vision by means of particularly developed monitor for ambulance and Wireless WAN.

Features of Vitalspec --- Measurement and Evaluation System for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease
> Correlated analysis based on retrospective and real-time patient parameters
> Therapeutic tracking and evaluation
> Expert system supported by proved patient database
> Powerful database support
> Advanced algorithm powered by data engine
> Developed with various patented technologies
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