3F Wins Wide Popularity on China International Medical Equipment Fair
News Date:2008-5-7
3F Medical News Photos

      China International Medical Equipment Fair is one of the largest fairs for medical equipments and related services in Asia-Pacific region. For more golden business opportunities from this fair and making us known by more and more people, 3F people work overtime and do their utmost to prepare for the promotion in advance.

      Our target for this expo was set on the information exchange between the professions and old customers as well as the self-present to attract more potential clients, therefore, the atmosphere on-site means a lot. To our delight, 3F booth was surrounded by a good number of people interested in our product all through the 4 daysí» expo. They stopped to ask for introductions and take photos for product they are fond of. A foreign client admires our IRIS so much that bought an IRIS on the spot. With the joint effort of 3f people, many orders were already get just on the fair.

      Thanks to this fair, many potential clients especially some foreign clients showed great interests in our product and present their will to cooperate. They visited our company and negotiated with Mr.lu (the general manager in 3F), which pave the way for our companyí»s growth into one of the most world-influential medical equipment manufacture company in China.

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