A Spring Outing to Lushan Mountain
News Date:2008-5-5
3F Medical News Photos

    In this April, all staffs of 3F went to Lushan Mountain for a company spring outing.

    Lushan Mountain is considered to be one of the most beautiful and gorgeous place of interest in the world long before. When we arrived in Lushan railway station, we all felt exhausted because of the long journey on the train instead of excited. However, when the bus approaching into Lushan Mountain, all of us are astonished and attracted by the clean, green, and serene environment of this mountain area when looking outside. Before the mountain climbing, there have been a lot of praises for its grandness and magnificence.

    The two day¡¯s visit was beguiled with spirited talk. We walked into the mountain, sharing the broadness of towering and steep mountains; we watched the cascade falls over the tall cliff, knowing the glory of what has been written in Baijuyi¡¯s poem ¡°the cascade falls over 3000 feets¡¯ high, as if the milky way falls over the sky.¡±; we also tried the local style of food in Jiangxi, appreciating the spicy flavor of Jiangxi dishes. Although it was not a long time there, we all enjoyed the magnificent view in Lushan and we all had a very good rest from the intense work.

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