VitalSpec Measurement and Evaluation System
for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease
A new breakthrough in Evidence Based Medical equipments
VitalSpec Measurement and Evaluation System for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease
Product Features
> Correlated analysis based on retrospective and real-time patient parameters
> Therapeutic tracking and evaluation
> Expert system supported by proved patient database
> Powerful database support
> Advanced algorithm powered by data engine
> Developed with various patented technologies
> Hypertension Disease > Cardiovascular
> Metabolic Diseases > Routine Health Checkup
> Special Treatment > Community Health Care


> Echocardiographic Doppler
Doppler is the only standard technique providing non-invasive hemodynamic information. It is characterized by its Quantitativeness, reliability, good repetitiveness, sensitive, safety and economy.

> Assessment with high accuracy of full synchronizing blood pressures of extremities
The comprehensive method is adopted in the Synchronized test for blood pressure of extremities, guaranteeing an accurate result for blood pressures. Meanwhile, ABI value for both right and left ankles can be conducted as an important index to show the seriousness of artery blockages, which provide a reliable indication for the treatment.Assessment with high accuracy of full synchronizing blood pressures of extremities

> Abundant parameter detection and analysis
Measurement and analysis of PWV
Measurement and analysis of Peripheral Vascular (pulse wave)
Analysis of HRV and PWV
Multiparameter (ECG, BP, Heart Function) and dynamical detection and analysis

> System of traking analysis and evaluation for hypertension
The fuzzy control and decision model is set up on basis of the patients' cardiovascular data, and a comprehensive assessment of patient's condition is conducted to provide therapeutic suggestion for the treatment of hypertension.System of traking analysis and evaluation for hypertension

> Database system support
Powerful database system support:
Flexible data search and output capability
Database backup and database recovery function
Database maintenance, including automatic historical data archiving and DVD writing
Encipherment protect for sharing the data in an networked environment
WEB based remote access to data center is provided to improve the utilization and sharing patient data and subsequent medical research.


> SDS-100 Measurement and Evaluation System for peripheral vascular
Blood pressure detects for extremities; ABI and PWV detecting; Analysis of Pulse wave; Analysis of variability

> SDS-200 Measurement and Evaluation System for non-invasive cardiology
Heart detects

> SDS-1000 Measurement and Evaluation System for Cardiology and Metabolic Disease
Cardiovascular detects + heart detects

> SDS-1800 Scientific research version for SDS-1000
Cardiovascular detects+ heart detects + expert system and support platform

Features of evaluating report graph
> Abundant and detailed parameter information
> Professional tracking diagrams
> Flexible set of reporting templates
> Vivid selection of chart diagramsFeatures of evaluating report graph

Cardiovascular disease, with its rapid growth in number, has become a global public health concern recently. The latest issued "report for effect of hypertension" warns: The number of hypertension suffered in the world has soared to 1 billion and it will continue to reach a new high of 1.56 billion if still no effective treatment appears till 2025. In some countries like China, the number may climb from the existing hypertension patients by 80%.

Now, 3F MEDICAL SYSTEM launches a system called VitalSpec, following the basic principle of "Evidence Based Medicine" and "Clinical Pathway". It provides strong support for clinical doctor in the best and most accurate treatment approaches through overall evaluation and analysis.

Vitalspec is based on a great number of clinical trail data, as well as the research on basic mathematical model cooperated with the Biomedical Engineering department of Zhejiang University and the institute of physiology department of Llmenau Institute of Technology in Germany.

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