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Jerome Lu :    CEO
Jerome Lu , General Manager
Jerome Lu, CEO of 3F Medical, the bachelor of Scientific Instruments and master of Mechanics in Zhejiang University with more than 20years experience in the development and project management for medical equipment and experienced in the corporate management and sufficient working experience in leading Medical Equipment company in America, Denmark and China. When worked in Shenzhen, he involved the development and research work of the first color Doppler ultrasound in China and was honored lots of awards for its contribution to the science and technology progress.
Yueming Yan:    Dequty General Manager
Yueming Yan , Dequty General Manager
8 years'development and application working experience in medical engineering laboratory of Shanghai No.1 People's Hospital, during which he spent a period of time studied management in Tokyo. Since joined in 3F Medical in 1996, he had contributed a lot to the company's quality and output improvement.
Zhiqing Fang:    Chief Engineer
Zhiqing Fang , General Engineer
Worked as the lecturer and the head of teaching and research section in shanghai University and Shanghai University of Science and Technology, and was twice awarded the 3rd prize of Legionary Science and Technology Achievement Award. Since the company was established, he has held the post of general engineer, in charge of the research and development work of the products and plays a key role in developing new products.
Yulin Lu:    QA Manager
Yulin Lu
Master degree for computer science in Shanghai University of Science and Technology.Abundant experience in project research at both state and municipal level and was honored “shanghai excellent young university teachers” title for two consecutive years. Since 3F was established, he has presided and participated many of our products'development work and is now working as the head of QA department and takes responsibility of all quality management activities.
Eric Zhang:    Marketing Manager
Eric Zhang
Dual Bachelor of industrial design and public relations, responsible for the product marketing and promotion when first join 3F. At the beginning of 2008, he took the post of deputy manager of the marketing and sales department and took the responsibility of the distribution channels and marketing support. With full passion, he consider his work as a great cause and do utmost to realize the vision of the company that is to make better healthcare available.
David Lin:    International Sales Manager
David Lin
The bachelor of information and computer science, and have sufficient experience in overseas trading. Since being a member of 3F in the end of 2006, he has been doing sales for the self-owned brand and getting very prominent achievements in the international sales. He is now holding the position of manager of international sales department, and in charge of overseas sales, marketing support, brand promotion and deploitation of sales.
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