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Shanghai 3F Electronics Co.,Ltd - 3F Medical System
Shanghai 3F Electronics Co.,Ltd
The company headquarter is located in Shanghai Songjiang High-tech Park with the area of 5000 square meters. The facility serves for the manufacture, product development, after sale service and so forth.
Strict control in the process of manufacture
Shanghai 3F Electronics Co.,Ltd
Strict and ongoing training in laws and regulations, quality consciousness, product information and manipulative skills; Detailed working and inspection instructions and documentation; Qualified safety testing and calibration equipments;Strict IQC, IPQC and FQC procedures.
Highly active team building and increasingly efficient management system
Shanghai 3F Electronics Co.,Ltd
In just ten years after its establishment, 3F has trained and built up a creative, professional and united team covers design, management and sales departments, and all these make it stay a winner in the increasingly competitive medical equipment market.
Active brand strategy and effective Marketing
Shanghai 3F Electronics Co.,Ltd
In order to make the brand of 3F medical be more popular in the industry and healthcare academic world, as well as to seize more business opportunities, 3F medical attends most significant Medical Equipment Fairs in both China and other places around the world. With its idea of Customer First and the innovative spirit, 3F is doing its best in the enlargement of the market share and making solid preparation for its pursuit of the best domestic patient monitor brand in China.
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